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Swiss Surgical Team To Mongolia

2002 Report
May 12th to June 2nd

The Swiss Surgical Team was created by members of the Swiss Section of the ICS five years ago and has concentrated its activity on the Mongolian Republic.

The gratitude from the families of the Mongolian
patients who had surgery, is touching.

The cooperation has three fields of action.

A. Each year a team is sent to Mongolia for three weeks of teaching surgery and perioperative care and for organizing the congress of the National/Regional Surgical association together with the Medical University of Ulaanbaatar.

B. Offering scholarships of three to six months for young mongolian surgeons and anesthetists in Swiss hospitals.

C. Donation of surgical and anesthesiological equipment to the university hospitals as well as to peripheral hospitals in Mongolia.

In 2002 the Swiss Surgical Team performed and taught about
one hundred operations and between 200 and 300 anesthesias.

1. Mission 2002 of the Swiss Surgical Team
This was the fourth mission with the participation of the surgeons Dr. Jean-François Schmid (president), Prof. Pierre Tschantz, Dr. Jean-Pierre Barras, Dr. François Irmay, and for pediatric surgery, Dr. B. Kehrer. Four anesthesists made it possible to operate simultaneously in different places: Dr. Hélène Chabloz, Dr. Serge Linder, Dr. Jacques Müller, and Dr. Ernest Waidelich. Prof. Paul Hahnloser, member of the International Committee of ICS, joined the team as observer and consultant. In four hospitals in the Capital and in the district hospital of Sainshand in the desert of Gobi, more than 100 operations and over 200 anesthetic procedures were performed mainly for teaching purposes. This year a team of the Italian speaking Swiss Television joined the mission to make a 30 minute documentary movie.

2. Scholarships
Two surgeons, Dr. N. Davaadorj and Dr. J. Chinburen, and one anesthetist Dr. Ganbold were working in our country partially supported by the Swiss government.

Clinical teaching by Dr. Beat Kehrer to the pediatric surgical
staff of Mother and Child Health Research Center of Ulaanbatar.

3. Material
As during the previous years, large amounts of operating material, instruments, and laundry were sent to Mongolia. In addition, the Swiss government helped to finance and install a full intensive care unit to Ulaanbaatar worth about US$250,000.

Conclusion and Prospect
The Swiss Surgical Team brings the ideals of the ICS to Mongolia, a region much in need of additional surgical training and material. This has only been realized with the financial help of the headquarters of ICS, of many private donors, the Swiss Government, the Swiss Society of Surgery, and the Union of Swiss Surgical Societies. We wish to thank them all.

Drs. Schmid and Linder teach anesthesia and lung
tumor surgery on a young Mongolian patient

The Swiss Surgical Team for 2003 is going to be put together. In addition to general surgery and pediatric surgery, it will be completed by oncology. The government of the Mongolian Republic has already asked for a new convention for another five years.

By its surgical team, the ICS can bring hope and health to patients much in need.

Prof. Paul Hahnloser
President Jürg Ammann
Foundation for Swiss Surgical Team

Dr. Jean-François Schmid
President Swiss Surgical Team