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Surgical Teams Program

ICS supports surgical teams humanitarian programs in order to bring surgical excellence to all parts of the world. Surgical supplies and equipment are sometimes donated to the host hospitals and medical schools they visit. Each "team" establishes an exchange of professional knowledge with the host country, which continues long after the mission is completed. All ICS volunteer members are encouraged to participate in these humanitarian projects or develop their own surgery-related humanitarian undertakings. Because the Surgical Teams are part of an ICS program, they are backed by a strong support system in every country they visit.

ICS Surgical Teams have so far been sent to such countries as Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Maldives, Mexico, Mongolia, Paraguay, Peru, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sudan, Israel, China, India, Iran, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries.

The ICS Surgical Teams program provides:

* More opportunities to help humanity and more appropriate and practical surgery for all when necessary.
* Links between the host hospitals and the visiting teams and their hospitals or universities, so that there can be a fruitful exchange of information even after the visit.
* The full support of local ICS Sections in the host countries.
* Teams that include colleagues from nearby countries who are knowledgeable and sensitive to local cultures.
* Travel arrangements and generally organizes stays of two to five weeks in the host country in order to guarantee that the Surgical Teams service is most effective.
* Reasonable financial support for transportation from point of origin to the destination and return.

Just as the art and science of surgery is transforming itself rapidly in this changing world, so is the ICS and its programs, as it takes a serious look at its performance, its goals, and its expanding role in the evolution of surgery.

The ICS Surgical Teams program also:
* Teaches surgeons and surgical trainees worldwide at conferences and at workshops.
* Teaches, upon a country's request, by forming a team of expert lecturers, to lecture at a hospital, university, or regional conference.
* Teaches through publication of surgical and scientific journals and articles.
* Provides the surgical advice on treatment and prevention.
* Benefits mankind directly in the field by providing surgery from our Fellows.

We, at ICS, believe that there is an increasing need for surgical assistance around the world.

We, at ICS, enjoy a unique worldwide Fellowship, and the respect acquired from over sixty-five years of worthwhile and helpful activity; and predict an enlarging and more pro-active role in the future through our contributions to better health and peace throughout the world.