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Founded in 1935 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Max Thorek, a Hungarian-born surgeon who practiced in Chicago, the International College of Surgeons (ICS) is a not-for-profit organization.

To improve the lives of patients through the development and education of our members and the advancement of the medical field.

Our Missions
Our missions are: Teach, Research, Communicate and Lead.

ICS is composed of approximately 8,000 general surgeons and surgical specialists from over 100 countries/regions. Members are organized into 60 National/Regional Sections, each directed by its own national/regional officers. Members who reside in countries/regions in which a national/regional section does not exist are designated as Members at Large. All Fellows in good standing are eligible for leadership positions, and geographic representation is customary

Congresses and Meetings
National/Regional and International ICS scientific meetings provide an opportunity for members to exchange professional knowledge, establish friendships, and create mutual respect and understanding in an International setting.

The official Journal of the International College of Surgeons, International Surgery contains articles by outstanding surgeons from around the world. An Internationally respected Editorial Board comprised of surgeons from numerous countries/regions.

Clinical Surgical/Teaching Teams Project
ICS established the Surgical Team program in 1974 to send groups of qualified teaching surgeons to developing countries/regions to share up-to-date surgical advancements and techniques with local surgeons, offer the best surgical advice on treatment and prevention, and provide first class surgery to less fortunate people.

ICS makes grants available to applicants who wish to enhance their surgical skills through post graduate training.

International Museum of Surgical Science
Housed in a 4-story, historic landmarked structure, the museum's collection portrays the mysteries, breakthroughs, failures and milestones that have shaped modern surgical science. Since 1954, the Museum has provided education on the history and progress of surgery and related medical sciences to hundreds of thousands of students, medical professionals, and visitors from around the world.